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"Once upon a time, a wonderful Prince... "

Every time we see a corridor we run up and down it.

—Peter on how he and Jenna are still in ‘filming-mode’  (Gold1043 interview)

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Ya  know, Right now Bruno could possibly be naked in the shower or touching himself, having sex, having an orgasm etc. etc. etc.

Let that just sink in for a moment.

That’s a reoccurring thought process for me. ;)

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[xhonestly bilbo what were you even expecting

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nothing gives me a better title than when people come up to me and say “I watched a johnny depp movie the other day and thought of you.” that’s when I know my life is complete.






Hey tumblr, I need help! Cassie Simkins, my step sister, has gone missing from her home in the middle of the night (a day or so ago). We have reason to believe she is NOT with someone safe and she is also epileptic and does not have her necessary medications. She’s from the Rockwell City area in Iowa but it’s been over a day so they may be further away.

She’s also been using a fake account on fb to communicate with friends under different names.

EDIT: The person she is with is considered dangerous, please be careful.

If anyone has information or sees her, please contact her father Jeff Simkins immediately at 712-830-3145

These are pictures of the guy we believe took off with her. He’s dangerous (stole a weapon from someone’s home), so please be careful around him!

UPDATE: Two people that fit the descriptions of Cassie, as well as the guy we believe she’s with, were spotted around the east of Carrol (Iowa) yesterday evening (August 30th) and were spotted by vendors in Dayton (also Iowa).

Thanks for all the reblogs so far guys, keep it up!

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More Information, this is real

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